I’m here, I just have zero energy and want to collapse to the floor. For the past 3 weeks the main admin has been out, the first week she was on vacation and the last 2 she was unable to come in for medical reasons. This co-worker is retiring soon and was supposed to train Read More →

Dear Person With Stick Up Ass: Please see a doctor about removing that very large and obviously obtrusive stick that is lodged in your rectum. It can’t be comfortable or pleasant, which explains why you are such a complete douche. I understand that things in your life suck, such as the lung you can’t seem Read More →

I can’t believe how confused people are at their own job. I sent in an IS request to change my name in all the systems at work and after more than a week there is still no change. I called the IS department but they told me they were waiting on HR to sign off Read More →