I’m on a trip to Omaha Nebraska to shoot a wedding for my cousin as a favor, because I’m too nice for my own good. I’m glad to help out though and it’s great to see family but also I’m an introvert at heart, I have to have time to myself a lot or I Read More →

4. Bullet your whole day. I’m going to attempt to bullet my Saturday, which was a day I shot a wedding. Wakeup with massive allergies, curse the world. Watch some crappy tv, possibly old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes while Manly Man complains that we watch that every Saturday morning. Throw on clothes and grab my Read More →

What a day it was. I remember so little of it. I remember how everyone giggled when they heard our vows. I remember tripping on my train during our first dance. I remember scarfing down our food at dinner because we knew we’d be pulled away any minute. I remember how incredibly handsome you looked Read More →

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin It’s been a year since our big hoopla and while the day wasn’t perfect (is any day perfect?) it was as perfect for me. When I think back I remember the converse, the gerber daisies, the music, the best Read More →

With all the joys that Sarcastica has in her life right now (ie. having a baby and planning a wedding) I have been thinking about my wedding. So the other day I went to watch my wedding youtube video (the one of the ceremony) which my cousin taped. Now we had a videographer who was Read More →

I am not sure I’ve shared much details of the wedding, it’s still almost too overwhelming to go into but at the same time I think I’ve forgotten a lot of it. Here are little snippets of details which is probably more interesting than several long drawn out babbling posts. I cried a lot the Read More →

It’s good to consider your options (these are actual jobs). 5. Ball Picker 4. Hooker Inspector 3. Boner 2. Cow Puncher 1. Top Screw ——————– I’ve gotten the wedding pictures now and they are on flickr. I started a group for them so people can buy them if they want to or that was my Read More →

Did I share the link to the pictures from my wedding yet? The professional ones done by Rachel? I know I did on my other site but I know some of you don’t check there so here you go. http://www.mergeweddings.com/clients/ (under Robin + Erik)

Can I just say I think The Wonder Twins were a little over-kill in the wedding, not that I had a choice they do whatever they want to do.  Is it just me or do I look like I’m nursing?