Another presentation and lesson of sorts from Erik. He wants you all to know he is not medicated in this video and that I edited it to make him look demented. We cannot back up any information in this as fact, so please just take it at entertainment value. Direct Link

Another Erik vlog for you here, he’s so much better at it than me. I do the witty writing and he strikes a pose for the camera. Any idea what to call these “segments” of his? Direct Link Oh and give it a rating this time, wouldya?

Aurora and Pilot having been fighting a lot as they’ve been stuck inside together for months now. Don’t mind my video tricks, I’m still learning. I think the best part of this though is the “commentary.”

So yesterday we had this big meeting to go to where the president of the company talks about how well we’re doing with a slide show presentation. He shows graphs and figures and talks about what a great job we’re doing :rolleyes: Well this time there was a “special” presentation. It was a skit. Not Read More →