Yes, I watch Entourage. Yes, I know the show is lame but I got sucked in. Either way you need to watch this clip of Matt Damon that was shown at the end of the season finale on Sunday after the credits. You don’t need to know much about the show to find this funny. Read More →

Manly Man and The Chocostache from Manly Man & Me on Vimeo. Gwen sent Manly Man something very special by mail, it only took about 2 months for it to get here from Canada.

The new Manly Man video :dance: LOL from Manly Man & Me on Vimeo. ————— I also want to say how awesome it was to have lunch with Avitable, Crystal and Ed over the weekend. It was quite a treat to finally meet Avitable since we’ve followed each other’s blogs for a least a year Read More →

If there is anything we learned in Ireland it’s that the speed limit is outrageous and the locals only consider it a suggestion. There are signs everywhere telling people to slow down and how 495 people died last year from speeding on that road, or whatever. Seriously, I thought NYC was scary but that was Read More →