I’ve mentioned the best television finales but what about the worst? Here is my list. Edited to add: Because I’m an idiot I neglected to look back at my Top 5 Finales post and guess what, I have a show listed in both :doh: I guess you can say it’s both one of the worst Read More →

It’s good to consider your options (these are actual jobs). 5. Ball Picker 4. Hooker Inspector 3. Boner 2. Cow Puncher 1. Top Screw ——————– I’ve gotten the wedding pictures now and they are on flickr. I started a group for them so people can buy them if they want to or that was my Read More →

I stole this particular topic from Tara even though I’ve been doing Top 5 lists forever and a day. These finales are the ones that made the biggest impact on me. I love lists, can you tell? I also love tv, so here we go. 5. Sex and the City – This was not my Read More →

When a breakup happens songs are necessary. That’s probably why there are so many songs written about breakup. I know heartbreak well so I believe I am someone with great knowledge on this topic. There are a lot of emotions that come with a breakup but mainly, at least for me, it’s usually sadness and Read More →