Poop: So I read this on cracked Yep, some cats intentionally leave their crap uncovered or in conspicuous locations (such as on a doormat or in your sister’s bed) in order to communicate to us that they are the dominant member of the household, and that this territory is theirs. Which makes a lot of Read More →

I didn’t realize until a conversation a while back that The Wonder Twins have had a lot of attention since their arrival so many years ago. They’ve had both good and bad attention but people seem to not be able to get enough of them. It was about 1988 when they first showed up, near Read More →

Can I just say I think The Wonder Twins were a little over-kill in the wedding, not that I had a choice they do whatever they want to do.  Is it just me or do I look like I’m nursing?

They’re big and round and all around Universally beloved, they’re the toast of the town And when she puts them on display No mortal man can look away They all would like a peek inside The depths of Robin’s Great Divide Her wondrous cleavage you’ll agree Is worthy of a jubilee One cannot blame her Read More →

This is important people, even for those of you well past the age of thirty. I’ve been taking time to come to grips with what this large number means, feel free to offer your own suggestions. At age 30 you can’t blame your stupidity on being in your twenties. At thirty you are supposed to Read More →

I nabbed this beauty from The Absurdist, one of my new blends. I have come to realize that my brain does not make as good of a poker bid as I initially thought it would. I have come to realize that my car isn’t very good to have sex in or rather I’m just getting Read More →