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When You Are TOO Connected To A TV Show


  You know how you know you are too connected to a tv show? When you hear a song and think “this song sounds like it was on Skins” so I decide to look it up to find out if it was. I look on the trustworthy Wikipedia and it was not in any of […]

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TV To Watch on Netflix

  I have basically no cable anymore (or what I lovingly call “Ghetto Cable” which is about 15 basic channels) I survive mostly on Netflix and a little bit of Hulu Plus. Just when I think I’ve watched everything I end up finding something new to watch. It’s like heaven for me, I love finding […]

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Re-Watching Dawson’s Creek at 34


Unlike many of my shows I only watched Dawson’s Creek once and that was when it aired. I believe I watched this fairly religiously (I’m a very dedicated viewer as you know) through college and my early twenties. I think I actually watched the finale with my now husband when we just started seeing each […]

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