After getting into the show Skins I started reading up about it and I found that, not surprising, a lot of people think it’s a bad influence on teenagers. So…people honestly think that a show is going to influence teens to do drugs and have sex? Because, they weren’t already doing that anyway? We can’t Read More →

If you’ve seen my tweets in the last week you would know I’ve developed a fairly serious addiction and it’s regarding the show Skins. It’s like I was injected with a drug for a week or two and then the dealer is all “sorry, that’s all, take care.” Uhm, I’m hooked now and that’s all Read More →

I developed a brand new unhealthy obsession over the past week or so. I really got into the show Skins and I’ve been trying really hard not to watch too many videos of it on youtube so it doesn’t spoil the ending. What I learned, very sadly, was that this show only had these particular Read More →