There is a lot going on in the tv world so I’m happy to update yall. Yes, I used yall, blow me. This show is coming out in the fall and I’m super excited. Not just because of Zooey but because of Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars. Also, Misfits is filming it’s third season. Can Read More →

Over the last handful of years sexuality in America has become a huge topic, mostly because teenagers appear to be expirmenting more than any of us did when we were teenagers. When I was a teenager (back in the 90s) nobody talked about sex, the closest to sex I ever saw was from watching Beverly Read More →

I’m a big fan of Skins (when I say Skins I mean the UK version) to the point I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 more times that I should probably tell anyone. I have watched the 2nd generation as well and am looking forward to the 3rd and final generation. With that being said I Read More →

Since nobody blogs anymore I figured, fuck it. Here are my favorite Skins characters, it wasn’t an easy choice, except for the top 2. 5. JJ Jones Another geek but he actually does that Starship Enterprise thing by himself in his bedroom. He’s got a lot of emotional issues but he works through a lot Read More →

Dear Mtv, I know at one point in time I enjoyed you but it’s been so long I can’t remember when that time was. I’m assuming it was back when, you know, you were about music. That’s besides the point, we all know you are a joke with your crappy “dating” shows, the real world Read More →

After getting into the show Skins I started reading up about it and I found that, not surprising, a lot of people think it’s a bad influence on teenagers. So…people honestly think that a show is going to influence teens to do drugs and have sex? Because, they weren’t already doing that anyway? We can’t Read More →

If you’ve seen my tweets in the last week you would know I’ve developed a fairly serious addiction and it’s regarding the show Skins. It’s like I was injected with a drug for a week or two and then the dealer is all “sorry, that’s all, take care.” Uhm, I’m hooked now and that’s all Read More →

I developed a brand new unhealthy obsession over the past week or so. I really got into the show Skins and I’ve been trying really hard not to watch too many videos of it on youtube so it doesn’t spoil the ending. What I learned, very sadly, was that this show only had these particular Read More →