Where Did I Come From?

I can say that I was raised pretty well, I mean obviously I didn’t end up on Intervention so they must have done something right. One thing they never did was give me the “sex talk” and it was a long journey for me to […]

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Oral Greatness

I think it’s important that we take some time to learn from the greats of our past.  Just because we aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean we can’t continue our history lessons.  This weekend I learned about Linda Lovelace and the film Deep Throat. I’m […]

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That’s Some Layover

Don’t ask me how we get into these conversations, trust me, we’ve had stranger ones. Just know we are both known for random thoughts that defy any understanding. Robin: So…Mr. Fabulous and I are having an affair. Erik: Ok. Robin: I just thought you should […]

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