I’m not sure if there is a point in reviewing Cache because I don’t think many people could sit through a very slow, fairly long, foreign film with subtitles. I could be wrong though, so I’ll share what little I even comprehend after seeing this. The Basics: A family starts getting videotapes that show someone Read More →

Apparently when you off yourself, you don’t go to hell but to another reality/world that is best described as a muted version of the real one. In this place there is no vibrant color, so beautiful scenery and no smiles. This is a setup for a strange movie but Writstcutters: A Love Story is much Read More →

I’ve seen so many amazing movies lately and can’t review them all. It’s Kind of a Funny Story was a little gem that I don’t think many people heard about but was fantastic. The Basics: This 16 year old kid keeps thinking of killing himself but never quite crosses the line to actually doing it. Read More →

The Basics: Quarantine is about a reporter and a camera guy are following along with the fire department on a call and get quarantined in an apartment building. The Good: This movie scared the bejesus out of me, true story. I was on edge and one scene in it actually made me scream, that rarely Read More →

  My first thought when The Visitor showed up from Netflix (I tend to forget about movies I add to Netflix and they show up and I have no idea what they are) was that it was a horror movie but it’s anything but. The Basics: A lonely man by the name of Walter comes Read More →

I’m a big fan of true crime stuff, I don’t know what this makes me but Manly Man is pretty sure I will snap one day. I choose to believe that those of us interested in this stuff are the least harmful, which means you who doesn’t like it is probably a serial killer, I’m Read More →

I’m trying to do more reviews, my dad insists that this is what my calling is, that and photography, neither which anyone wants to pay me for. Oh well, I went to the movies a couple Saturdays ago, I love going to the movies but I hate the seats. We decided it was time to Read More →

The Premise: A documentary on the word “fuck” and how it’s affected history and culture. Fuck: A Documentary interviews a bunch of people who know the word well such as George Carlin, Ice-T, Ron Jeremy and Janeane Garofalo (I love her btw). It’s a word loved by some as much as it is hated by Read More →

My supervisor at work suggested the movie Sublime (she even owns the movie which she let me borrow) about George Grieves who goes for a simple surgical procedure and has “complications.” The Basics: It’s tough too say much about the movie without giving stuff away. Basically it’s about one’s fears becoming real he tries to Read More →

Around Halloween Manly Man and I watched a list of the top 100 or so scariest moments in movies. The great thing about these lists is you find great movies to add to your Netflix. The film Audition (a Japanese film, they do the scariest shit) was listed at #11. The Basics:Widdowed man feels it’s Read More →

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer My review rating: 1 of 5 stars I gave it a try as a favor although fantasy is just not my thing, I like to feel a connection to the characters in a real way and I felt nothing for these. Characters – One dimensional and unlikable. Bella is ordinary but Read More →

This is an…interesting movie. I’m not sure who could watch this and who couldn’t. The subject and storyline is disturbing and the artisticness of the cinematography isn’t for everyone. Zoo was a movie I came across by accident and I’m always one looking for anything that will make me think. The Basics: It’s a documentary Read More →

For whatever reason I never got around to reviewing the movie Once but while listening to the soundtrack the other day I decided it was time to do it. The Basics: First you need to know it’s an Irish musical, but don’t let that throw you off. The music is amazing and is composed and Read More →