I’m not sure if there is a point in reviewing Cache because I don’t think many people could sit through a very slow, fairly long, foreign film with subtitles. I could be wrong though, so I’ll share what little I even comprehend after seeing this. The Basics: A family starts getting videotapes that show someone Read More →

Apparently when you off yourself, you don’t go to hell but to another reality/world that is best described as a muted version of the real one. In this place there is no vibrant color, so beautiful scenery and no smiles. This is a setup for a strange movie but Writstcutters: A Love Story is much Read More →

I’ve seen so many amazing movies lately and can’t review them all. It’s Kind of a Funny Story was a little gem that I don’t think many people heard about but was fantastic. The Basics: This 16 year old kid keeps thinking of killing himself but never quite crosses the line to actually doing it. Read More →

The Basics: Quarantine is about a reporter and a camera guy are following along with the fire department on a call and get quarantined in an apartment building. The Good: This movie scared the bejesus out of me, true story. I was on edge and one scene in it actually made me scream, that rarely Read More →

  My first thought when The Visitor showed up from Netflix (I tend to forget about movies I add to Netflix and they show up and I have no idea what they are) was that it was a horror movie but it’s anything but. The Basics: A lonely man by the name of Walter comes Read More →

I’m a big fan of true crime stuff, I don’t know what this makes me but Manly Man is pretty sure I will snap one day. I choose to believe that those of us interested in this stuff are the least harmful, which means you who doesn’t like it is probably a serial killer, I’m Read More →

I’m trying to do more reviews, my dad insists that this is what my calling is, that and photography, neither which anyone wants to pay me for. Oh well, I went to the movies a couple Saturdays ago, I love going to the movies but I hate the seats. We decided it was time to Read More →

I was excited to see Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Why? For several reasons. It’s Seth Rogen, he’s totally geek hot. It’s Kevin Smith, that’s just a good time no matter what. It has porno in the title which means it’s about sex and has dirty words in it, sex is funny. I like Read More →

The Premise: A documentary on the word “fuck” and how it’s affected history and culture. Fuck: A Documentary interviews a bunch of people who know the word well such as George Carlin, Ice-T, Ron Jeremy and Janeane Garofalo (I love her btw). It’s a word loved by some as much as it is hated by Read More →

My supervisor at work suggested the movie Sublime (she even owns the movie which she let me borrow) about George Grieves who goes for a simple surgical procedure and has “complications.” The Basics: It’s tough too say much about the movie without giving stuff away. Basically it’s about one’s fears becoming real he tries to Read More →