My little shipper heart is sailing because of last night’s New Girl and The Mindy Project. I’ve loved both of the main love interests since the beginning, long before there was any acknowledged love between any of them. I can smell tv chemistry a mile away, it’s a gift. Nick & Jess had undeniable chemistry Read More →

While I don’t believe that marriage should be easy I also don’t think it shouldn’t be so hard. After reading this post and reading the comments I got the very real feeling that women watch the show and see their own relationship. This just doesn’t sit right with me but maybe some women who are Read More →

I nabbed this beauty from The Absurdist, one of my new blends. I have come to realize that my brain does not make as good of a poker bid as I initially thought it would. I have come to realize that my car isn’t very good to have sex in or rather I’m just getting Read More →