Our show last night was our 13th episode and since it was on the 13th of September we decided to do a show about superstitions. The show got off to a rough start. Right before the show I dropped a huge book on my foot and my scream was probably heard throughout the neighborhood. Then, Read More →

Canada: After our radio show Too Much Pressure on Sunday Gwen and I got to talking via Twitter about the new Spacey movie coming out. I got to thinking about how seriously awesome it would be if I could somehow get to Bumfuck Canada (where Gwen and Bluepaintred live) so I could see the movie Read More →

Did you listen to our show Too Much Pressure from last night? There was a little bit of an error at first (partially my fault partially blogtalkradio’s fault) but the rest was smooth sailing. We’re not too good at audience participation and we feel bad but we both have ADD so we’re doing our best. Read More →

There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure. ~Alfred Adler Since Gwen and I often chat up through the night on im and take over Twitter we thought we’d attempt to turn it into a radio show. I’m curious what others think of the show. We might actually come prepared next time knowing Read More →

Last night I was privileged to be on Fabby’s radio show again, despite the fact I really an not a verbal kind of person. I again forgot to get drunk, I mean how hard is it to down a few shots before you go on the radio? I guess I am just intimidated by the Read More →

Tonight on the Pointless Drivel Radio Show with Mr. Fabulous. What can I guarantee there will be? Sexual innuendo. Cussing. Discussion about The Wonder Twins. I mean, I’m pretty much the same on here as I am on the radio. What won’t there be? Praising Jebus. Discussing the latest episode of The View. Anything to Read More →

We have another radio show coming up tonight and I’m still not sure if this is something for us. I just don’t always feel like we are really ourselves under that kind of pressure but we’ll keep it up for a little while at least. We aren’t entirely sure of what to talk about tonight Read More →