Only a handful of you answered questions, the rest of you were a bitter disappointment. Luckily my favorite commenters asked a bunch of questions. Hannah: Other than Kevin Spacey, who would you love to spend an entire day with and why? Also-What kind of activities would you like to do with this person? I’m not Read More →

What would happen if laugh tracks were banned? Would shows stop being funny? Why does my bumper sticker “cats not kids” seem to create such a reaction? I notice all the time that people behind me in traffic seem to be looking at it and smiling. If people have approached me because of it it’s Read More →

This one is from Kapgar. 1. You have to see this one coming after your comment on my blog, but why soccer? First I must explain I am like an anti-sports person. Baseball bores me to tears, Football makes no sense, hockey is too cold and violent and the boys are not cute enough to Read More →

These are from Amanda, better late than never. 1. If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be, and why? Easy, I’d be an oatmeal cookie freshly baked, very moist and absolutely NO raisins or nuts. 2. If you had to pick between Rivers Cuomo and Dave Grohl, who would you choose? Read More →

You may not know Lucy but she’s someone I chat with sometimes on Twitter she doesn’t visit here much…something about RLU just being too much for her to handle. She’s quite innocent you see, she pretends to not be but we know different. 1. Since you are an Only does that mean you are spoiled, Read More →

Here are some of the answers to the questions you asked, I’ll leave the others for another time. Feel free to ask more questions, if you so desire. Maureen: Count Chocula, Frankenberry or Booberry? For a one night stand? I think Booberry is more my type but if I’m really in the mood maybe I’ll Read More →

You know how they say there are no stupid questions? Well, I prefer stupid questions or questions that don’t require me to think much or research. So…ask me questions…ask whatever you like. Ask me more than one. Ask Manly Man one too if you want…hell ask Aurora or Pilot too if you have any. I’ll Read More →

Ok, I asked for More questions and this is all I got, but I appreciate those of you who could muster up the energy to ask me one little question. You guys obviously love me the most. Maureen: What was your favorite cartoon when you were little? Did you ever dress up as a character Read More →

Technically the Birthday Contest is over but if anyone wants to get anything in today please do it as soon as you can. I will announce the winner tomorrow. While you are at it make sure to get in on Dutchy’s contest, because she has real prizes. I mean, I have “prizes” but they aren’t Read More →