I thought I’d post a few updates, if anyone still reads: We adopted a new cat, his names is Miles. He’s named after Chris Miles from Skins, because that character was both badass and sweet as hell. Miles was a stray for most of his life and was eventually brought into our local shelter. I Read More →

Having another one of my many moments where I don’t know what I was thinking ever getting into the photography business. I read about other photographers and I just feel like they are SO far out of my own league. Hell, I’m not even a proper business yet. I think I really don’t want to Read More →

4. Bullet your whole day. I’m going to attempt to bullet my Saturday, which was a day I shot a wedding. Wakeup with massive allergies, curse the world. Watch some crappy tv, possibly old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes while Manly Man complains that we watch that every Saturday morning. Throw on clothes and grab my Read More →

I’ve had a lot of friends and friends of friends approach me about wanting to get into photography. So often people seem to feel bad or nervous to approach photographers which is understable, they aren’t all as nice as me. I’m always happy to give advice and tips, it makes me feel a little more Read More →

It’s intimidating and I swear if you don’t feel completely overwhelmed by it at least a few times a week then you are utterly nuts. Here is what I consider to be the process of becoming a professional photographer, as in one who gets paid. You pick up your camera and take a picture. Gee, Read More →

First let me mention I wrote this whole fucking thing out and then lost it, fuck you Live Writer. Fuck you. Computers: I’m having major computer issues right now both at home and at work. My computer at home is overheating, which I’m assuming means it’s dying. Right? I mean, it’s 5 years old, which Read More →