#7: 5 pet peeves I’ve listed so many pet peeves I could probably have an entire blog on pet peeves. I have an extraordinary amount of them and every day I seem to find a new one. So here, as best as I can, are my top 5 pet peeves of ALL TIME. 5. Complaining Read More →

Is there anything you feel you say over and over again but are still constantly asked? Do you ever think that maybe you’d be better off if you wore a shirt that gave out enough information about you so people would stop asking? Ever since I got married I can’t believe how many people have Read More →

If you look up the word “excess” in the dictionary you will see her picture.  She does everything over-the-top. She showed up with nearly an entire suitcase full of fruits and vegetables.  I guess she thinks we don’t carry that kind of thing here.  Since she’s been here I think she’s spent at least $100 Read More →

While watching a movie: MIL: Who’s that? MIL: Where did he go? MIL: Is that the same guy from before or is that a new guy? MIL: Why did she say that? What did she say? MIL: Can you rewind that, I missed. MIL: Does he die? Just tell me if he does…

She doesn’t have a mute button and constantly says inapproriate things. It’s not so bad when it’s just family but when it’s around strangers it’s really uncomfortable. She has no understanding of the concept of tact.

Whenever we go out to eat she insists on taking everything back in a doggy bag.  Even the 2 pieces of lettuce left from her salad and half of a dinner roll :rolleyes:

It actually doesn’t have anything really to do with using a cell phone while driving because I’m ALWAYS doing that. Although, I hate when people don’t know how to do it properly. I kind of think us Massholes have it down to an art form, considering we’ve always been quite the multi-tasking drivers. I didn’t Read More →

It’s official; my biggest pet peeve when I’m driving is when someone keeps switching lanes (in nearly bumper to bumper traffic) just to try to get a few more feet ahead. If I can, I make sure not to let the guy in ahead of me, I suppose to try to “stick it to him” Read More →

Raisins are lovely on their own are fine but everywhere they just ruin everything. My boyfriend was a little confused recently by my statement “raisins ruin everything” so the best I could explain it “You are enjoy a nice bowl of crunchy Raisin Bran and suddenly there is a chewy raisin to distract everything” or Read More →