This week: missing tooth filling, laptop in need of CPR and pluming on life support. Can we just consider this week a FAIL and we all go home to watch Netflix? Nothing bad seems to happen when you watch Netflix.

Why would I check out a show that’s about a woman’s prison? A few reasons: I love Laura Prepon, have since That 70s Show The idea of the show is intense and kind of twisted, so of course I’m on board. It was created by the same people as Weeds and I enjoyed Weeds, at Read More →

I rarely give up on a show entirely. Sometimes I’ll walk away for a while and then catch up here and there if it’s on Netflix or something. One show I did that with is Grey’s Anatomy because initially I chose CSI and House MD over it (a while back they were on at the Read More →

  I have basically no cable anymore (or what I lovingly call “Ghetto Cable” which is about 15 basic channels) I survive mostly on Netflix and a little bit of Hulu Plus. Just when I think I’ve watched everything I end up finding something new to watch. It’s like heaven for me, I love finding Read More →

Unlike many of my shows I only watched Dawson’s Creek once and that was when it aired. I believe I watched this fairly religiously (I’m a very dedicated viewer as you know) through college and my early twenties. I think I actually watched the finale with my now husband when we just started seeing each Read More →