6. Your views on mainstream music My views? I’m not really a huge fan of mainstream anything only because it all sounds/looks the same. Mainstream to me usually means it’s made to make money not to actually say anything or to be something special. Who is mainstream to me? Brittany Spears, she doesn’t write any Read More →

“Favorite cover of your favorite song” When I first saw this topic I immediately knew of the song, I was sure of it. I was like: yes, this is an easy one! My first instinct was the Foo Fighters cover of the Prince song [song]. I’ve never been a Prince fan, but maybe it’s just Read More →

The five songs you would have with you on a desert island and why. Oh man, picking songs is always hard, even harder than movies. I swear I have a spreadsheet of movies in my head for whenever I need it but to pick 5 songs is too much pressure. I’m going to go with Read More →

Wishlist: It’s coming along nicely. However since I can’t afford to get anyone anything anytime soon (Manly Man and I haven’t done official presents in over a year now) so I can’t imagine I’ll get anything. It’s nice though to have a list, makes me feel special. Huh: We watched the movie Suicide Club the Read More →

Ever noticed how some singers who have a strong accent when they talk have almost no accent when they sing? This is something Manly Man and I got to talking about for about an hour and a half on VDay while driving in the car. I think it came up because we were listening to Read More →

These are from Amanda, better late than never. 1. If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be, and why? Easy, I’d be an oatmeal cookie freshly baked, very moist and absolutely NO raisins or nuts. 2. If you had to pick between Rivers Cuomo and Dave Grohl, who would you choose? Read More →

:dance: Obviously given the economy none of you are going to actually buy me anything but I figured I’d share my amazon wish list with you anyway. If you have one I’d love to add it to my account, which I believe you can do. :whosnext: I’ve got a stack of postcards that I’m going Read More →

:what: It’s kind of been decided that Manly Man should be the driver in Ireland, at least in the city area. While he may drive like a little old lady I drive like someone who just escaped from an insane assylum or at least that’s how I drive when I freak out. So I assume Read More →