Last night I was privileged to be on Fabby’s radio show again, despite the fact I really an not a verbal kind of person. I again forgot to get drunk, I mean how hard is it to down a few shots before you go on the radio? I guess I am just intimidated by the Read More →

Tonight on the Pointless Drivel Radio Show with Mr. Fabulous. What can I guarantee there will be? Sexual innuendo. Cussing. Discussion about The Wonder Twins. I mean, I’m pretty much the same on here as I am on the radio. What won’t there be? Praising Jebus. Discussing the latest episode of The View. Anything to Read More →

Today is the day I turn 30 and I’m not ashamed of that. I know that today I am wiser than ever before, so wise that I believe I’ve figured out the meaning of life. Although today I want to appreciate the hundreds handful of people who entered my birthday contest. You guys all rock Read More →

Don’t ask me how we get into these conversations, trust me, we’ve had stranger ones. Just know we are both known for random thoughts that defy any understanding. Robin: So…Mr. Fabulous and I are having an affair. Erik: Ok. Robin: I just thought you should know. Erik: Well that’s a lot of money for plane Read More →

Mr. Fabulous has finally won the Comment Contest as every month so far he has somehow fallen short. As I told him the other day, he’s the Susan Lucci of bloggers but he’s finally succeeded so let’s give it up to him! I mean clap, keep your undies on ladies :eyebrow: So when I researched Read More →