“Earliest thing you can remember” Unlike my husband I don’t have a vast memory that goes nearly back to birth. I remember little pieces of things here and there and over time I can’t really trust that they are completely factual. My one memory for some reason that has always stuck with me was going Read More →

If you could go back and catch one thing and one thing only on camera, that obviously isn’t already, what would it be? I’m tempted to say the ceremony of my wedding that wasn’t recorded by the professional videographer. I’m also tempted to say the moment when Manly Man serenaded me on our first date. Read More →

1. Did you date someone from your school senior year? Like my senior class? No, I dated younger guys and in fact during my senior year my boyfriend was a sophomore. Now that is a cougar in training 😉 2. Did you marry someone from your high school? Not even close. However at the time Read More →

The actual anniversary was last week but I forgot to post it. It blows my mind that Woodstock 99 was 10 years ago from today, it was actually July 23-25 to be exact. I thought I would remenise about it a little about those crazy 3 days. We drove along with a group of guys Read More →

I haven’t always been a Valentines Day romantic. Basically if I had someone romantic in my life it was probably a happy day, if I didn’t then I wanted to curse the world. Hey, that’s just how it works. My first anti-V Day was the V Day after my first breakup in high school. The Read More →

While reading this post by HeatherB I got to thinking about the 2 times (might be 3 I’m not sure) that I stole stuff as a little kid. Thinking back I can’t for the life of me understand why I did it. One time I stole was a small bag of Sugar Daddies candy and Read More →

I don’t know a lot of background about my family and it turns out anything I did know may not be reliable information. My family doesn’t talk about stuff, I don’t find anything out unless I ask and I never bothered to ask before really. I really don’t know how my parents met or why Read More →

At first I was excited that my dad had put all the home movies of me growing up onto cds, that was, until I watched some. While I’m not at a place where I can share these videos I do feel I can share some things I learned about the younger me. I like to Read More →

I found this girl I knew back when I went to Jewish private school on Facebook. I hated her, she made my life miserable. She was rich and flaunted it. She was popular and used it against everyone. I was the one she tortured the most. I was not from the area but lived closer Read More →

You know those memes where you list a bunch of things about yourself, well I thought I’d start collecting some as they came to me. It’s odd that these things randomly pop in my head, no wonder I have to write daily stuff down. I beleive roofies were put in one of my drinks once Read More →