While watching the Golden Globes pre-show Rainn Wilson (Dwight) from The Office was talking to Ryan Seacrest. Me: I like how he’s wearing a silver tie, I think it looks nice. Manly Man: It’s really flattering, it goes nice with his glasses. And there you have it :eyebrow: [tags]conversation, manly man[/tags]

Me: What if instead of waving to greet people we flashed them instead? Manly Man: If I had boobs I’d flash everyone everywhere I went. Me: Wouldn’t you want to keep them to yourself and only share with those that you care about. Manly Man: I like to share :robin: [tags]manly man, conversation[/tags]

I don’t know a lot of background about my family and it turns out anything I did know may not be reliable information. My family doesn’t talk about stuff, I don’t find anything out unless I ask and I never bothered to ask before really. I really don’t know how my parents met or why Read More →

Talking about the idea of having children (something I seem to talk about a lot but I blame all of you for having them). Me: I don’t want to become a mom that is obsessed and over-protective. What if all I can think or talk about is babies? Manly Man: Like you do with the Read More →

While watching some of the best of clips of Saturday Night Live they show the Boston teens skit.  Everyone commenting on the show were saying how they all really do sound like that.  So of course I turn to Manly Man horrified. Me: That’s like wicked annoying that people think we all like sound like Read More →

Today we interrupt this blog to direct you to a much more important post, please go see Manly Man here. Go leave a comment there and show your appreciation for the subject at hand, which I know we all love dearly. Oh and I would like to share with you the visitors we had in Read More →

So I never got around to putting together a post yesterday so I decided to rip off Gwen, because her humor is so infectious you need a topical ointment afterwards. These are all comments she made regarding these pictures on Facebook. So here is my new post idea: Gwenisms! [tags]ireland, manly man, gwenisms[/tags]

Manly Man has had a VW bug for 5 years now. He just found out the other day it’s a chick car. I’ve been telling him this from day one, not that I mind because I love his car. He’s certainly living in his own world, one I enjoy visiting from time to time. It Read More →

Him: Don’t you hate it when I’m right? Me: Good thing it doesn’t happen very often. Him: We are like a sitcom that nobody watches. ~ Ok so I also have a favor.  If anyone is interested in guestposting between  October 10 and October 19 please email me with the date you would like.

So someone commented on a post of mine from quite a while back and at first I assumed it was spam but it doesn’t appear it was. I wrote this post which was one of the weird conversations with Manly Man where he quoted a line from television: Are you the beautiful unicorn jumping through Read More →

Me Twittering while Manly Man is doing his thing. *My husband suddenly thinks he’s a hippie from the sixties. *Just because you bought a Jefferson Airplane vinyl doesn’t make you a flower child. *No, shadow puppets are NOT entertaining. And now please head over to Frankie’s place for just a little more entertainment for your Read More →

I got myself a few new pens and post-its, I feel like it’s my birthday. I’m starting to think the meds aren’t working in regards to my ADD, I think it’s gotten worse. I’m over-multi-tasking at this point, if you ever wonder how I do so many sites and so much extra stuff. I keep Read More →