In no particular order.             Google Keyboard: The Samsung keyboard that came with the phone is a horrible keyboard, most probably don’t know as they don’t know any better. Once you get the google one it will replace the samsung and it will make your life so much easier.   Read More →

You may have seen the pathetic list that had the nerve to put Kevin Spacey on it, along with a few others I disagree with (Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Justin Long and Joaquin Pheonix). So I decided I needed to right this by putting my own list. While I definitely think Gary Busey is NOT sexy Read More →

Yes, I’m talking about Canada again but only because I lost the slangoff on Sunday on Too Much Pressure. Now, I must list the 10 best things aboot way up north. 10. They brought us Jim Carey, Ryan Gosling, John Candy, Mike Meyers, Leslie Neilson and Sarah Chalke. It seems that the only noteworthy actress Read More →

How I Met Your Mother is so inspiring and because of last night’s list I decided to come up with my own Murtaugh List. What is a Murtaugh List (shame you for not watching) it comes from Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon (however I have never seen any of them) when he says the line I’m Read More →

  I probably will do a lot of nothing but I need to plan some stuff or else I’ll go crazy. I used to be able to sit around and do nothing but now for some reason I need to actually do things. Anyway, so because I feel the need to think these things out Read More →