So back when tumblr was still very new I decided one day there needed to be a tumblr just for Kevin Spacey. So at that point I started Fuck Yeah Kevin Spacey, I didn’t think much of it except I could post all about Kevin there without annoying my non-Kevin-obsessed friends. I honestly didn’t think Read More →

You may have seen the pathetic list that had the nerve to put Kevin Spacey on it, along with a few others I disagree with (Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Justin Long and Joaquin Pheonix). So I decided I needed to right this by putting my own list. While I definitely think Gary Busey is NOT sexy Read More →

Yes, we have a brand new Kevin Spacey review. As you know with all Kevin Spacey reviews I am biased, I admit to that upfront. But you should still see everything he makes because he’s the definition of awesome. The Basics: Kevin plays a shrink to the stars who has more than enough problems of Read More →

This took me a few days and in the end I just couldn’t do a top 10, it would be so long. I realize you will all mock me because of the amount of times Kevin is listed here but you know what? Bite me :fu: Name: John Doe (played by Kevin Spacey) Movie(s): Se7en Read More →

Did you listen to our show Too Much Pressure from last night? There was a little bit of an error at first (partially my fault partially blogtalkradio’s fault) but the rest was smooth sailing. We’re not too good at audience participation and we feel bad but we both have ADD so we’re doing our best. Read More →

Today’s usual random friday update post has been cancelled due to super fucking awesome news. Are you ready? Are you sure? Kevin Spacey tweeted me! :bpr: :dance: 🙂 Yes you heard it right, he responded to me after I responded to him. No, seriously. I don’t even know what to say, I’m honored. Here is Read More →

“Life is not a Movie” from Matt Sandberg on Vimeo. It is imperitive that you watch this video or suffer the consequences. Thank you so much to Whall for putting this entire thing together and saving my blog. Also for helping me get out all the kinks. Thank you also to my little brother Matt Read More →