So I’m working on picking out pictures for my exhibit in March, I’ve been tagging the pictures by “exhibit” so I can pull together a collection. I’m re-editing shots and getting some feelers out there to see if they are up to par. I also need to decide on some pictures from Lawrence as well. Read More →

:dance: Obviously given the economy none of you are going to actually buy me anything but I figured I’d share my amazon wish list with you anyway. If you have one I’d love to add it to my account, which I believe you can do. :whosnext: I’ve got a stack of postcards that I’m going Read More →

If we thought we’d become super lame after going to Ireland and spouting out all this Irish lingo it got even worse after we both listened to the audio book of Angela’s Ashes. Now these are common phrases you would hear in our house: “Ahch” – Meaning basically, whatthefuckever. “Fiddler’s Fart” – As in “that Read More →

If there is anything we learned in Ireland it’s that the speed limit is outrageous and the locals only consider it a suggestion. There are signs everywhere telling people to slow down and how 495 people died last year from speeding on that road, or whatever. Seriously, I thought NYC was scary but that was Read More →

So I never got around to putting together a post yesterday so I decided to rip off Gwen, because her humor is so infectious you need a topical ointment afterwards. These are all comments she made regarding these pictures on Facebook. So here is my new post idea: Gwenisms! [tags]ireland, manly man, gwenisms[/tags]

So we’re driving along the countryside of Ireland, just enjoying the rolling fields and the beautiful scenery. As I’m taking in the wonder of what is before my eyes I suddenly am jolted out of my dream state by something unexpected on the side of the road. To my right I notice a big guy Read More →

I learned a few things about Ireland along the way, not always willingly though. Some of these things I would have liked to know beforehand so here you are. If you decide to go I suggest you print this out and take it with you as a reference guide. Money – for us it was Read More →

Originally uploaded by Robin ? Accidental Beauty I believe this is an exit sign, I saw a lot of similar looking signs around Ireland.  If it’s not an “exit sign” then I assume it means run quickly away from fire towards rectangle.

Today I leave for :clover: Ireland :clover: or rather tonight at 6:30 from Boston Logan Airport. It’s been years since I’ve been on a plane and even longer since I’ve been to a foreign country. I guess the last time was Canada but does that really count? That was like 12 years ago anyway and Read More →

Ireland is so lucky to have us visit them. First there is me with the hearing problems and all thick accents sounds like Swahili. There is a decent chance I’ll try to order a Cosmopolitan or a Miller Highlife. Manly Man may eat them out of cheese, I don’t think there is anything he’s more Read More →

I want to make sure I fit in when I visit Ireland, I don’t want to stand out like a silly ol American so I’ve been learning some of the slang. Here is my plan: American: Where are the ladies bathrooms located? Irish: Where are the Bean-jacks at? American: I am not a lesbian but Read More →