I did this interview experiment and of course, at first I did it wrong because as usual I didn’t read the directions. So by accident I posted my answers on my blog this morning, whoops. Well here is the actual person I interviewed named Elizabeth. Now what I found interesting about this experiment is you Read More →

Ok here is another 5 Q’s and today I interview Tug. While putting this post together it occurred to me that maybe I should warn Mr. Depp of Tug and that he should watch out but then I remember that I remember that I am a pot and I am also black. 1. If you Read More →

More 5Qs, I finally am getting to Crystal. 1. If you could make your very own hair color (any mix of colors and patterns) what would you want? Give me red and black. Or purple and black. I once had it an odd shade of mallard green with black. Essentially, I’d like my hair to Read More →

You may not know Lucy but she’s someone I chat with sometimes on Twitter she doesn’t visit here much…something about RLU just being too much for her to handle. She’s quite innocent you see, she pretends to not be but we know different. 1. Since you are an Only does that mean you are spoiled, Read More →

She’s mysterious. She’s a real redhead. She’s afraid of the phone. Everyone it’s Heather and she’s going to tackle the hard hitting questions this week, hopefully better than Sarah Palin…Heather is definitely cuter. 1. At what point did you realize you were a MILF and when did you start using it to your advantage? When Read More →

I’m interviewing again, watch out for my hard cracking questions. I somehow became a racist when interviewing Amanda but I suppose it’s partly my own fault for not actually finding out what the word meant by searching wikipedia or at least asking my husband. I wasn’t sure if I should change it but Manly Man Read More →

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a One on One and I thought who better to get back into the swing of things than Gwen from Kill the Body. If you weren’t aware yet she’s nearly as obsessed with Kevin Spacey as I am but I’ve decided this is a good thing…2 psychos Read More →

I want to bring Erik in a little to RLU and since I can’t get him to sit down to actually write something I thought I’d interview him. Maybe I’ll open it up for you guys to ask him questions next time. If you were a superhero what would your name be? Ummm…if I were Read More →

So I interviewed Mr. Fabulous this time but by texting and it didn’t really work as well as I’d hoped. I’ll have to interview him again sometime. First round of questions from 2 weeks ago when I mistakingly thought he was drinking: Robin:Where is your favorite place to go solo? Fab: You mean just to Read More →