While listening to the book The Highly Sensitive Person I started making a list of the things that stood out to me. I’m curious if they ring true to you or if you are a HSP but have other traits I didn’t mention. Avoiding large groups of people, preferring smaller/intimate groups Needing a lot of Read More →

I decided to listen to the audio book The Highly Sensitive Person because I knew I was sensitive, extremely sensitive, so I thought maybe it would give me some insight. I never expected it to explain almost all of my serious issues. As a kid I was very shy, to the point so much that Read More →

02 –> Something you love about yourself. I love how deeply I care and how emotional I am. I mean sometimes it drives me crazy because I’m so fucking sensitive all the time. Everything effects me so strongly and I wear my heart on my sleeve but with all of this I believe I connect Read More →

I am opinionated. I am blunt but I don’t always realize how blunt and harsh my words are until it is too late. I am honest, with the world and with myself, even if it hurts. I am afraid of what is outside my door and inside my head, sometimes I mix them up too. Read More →

The other day I received an email that was completely unexpected. It was an apology. The incident that the apology was regarding was something I’d totally forgotten about and left behind me. It all went down during a chaotic time in my life where it was just one of the layers that was pushing me Read More →

There have been a lot of stresses for me at work, the tensions between a co-worker and me have built up to a boiling point. Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content. I think it’s time for me to invest in good head phones so I can just drown them out.

As others have done here is a letter I’ve written to my 18 year old self. I considered doing age 13 but I think that would be too hard and too depressing. Maybe that will be another post at another time. Dear Eighteen Year Old Self: This is yourself at thirty, pay attention because I Read More →

Some people think I’m neurotic and over-sensitive. Ok, I can be that but I also think I’m very intuitive. I think I can feel emotions from people even when they are trying to hide it or don’t want me to know. Mostly with the people I know very well of course. Maybe this is why Read More →

I don’t have the energy for a real post today so you get bullets. I contemplated not posting at all but as I’ve said before, it makes me feel better to post something. Yesterday I was dangerously close to a full blown panic attack. I’ve only had a few of them but I know when Read More →

I was sent this excel spreadsheet by Gemini that calculates your age and I guess describes you. It’s pretty close, I’ll bold the ones that are 100% me. FEBRUARY * Abstract thoughts * Loves reality and abstract * Intelligent and clever * Changing personality * Temperamental * Quiet, shy and humble * Low self esteem Read More →