I’m sad that so many people didn’t enjoy the ending because Barney and Robin didn’t end up together. When Dawson’s Creek ended I was disappointed that she didn’t end up with Dawson but I didn’t write the entire show off because I didn’t get the ending I wanted. In the end I cried because a Read More →

Privileged: I wasn’t sure I loved the show Privileged but I did like it enough to watch it every week. I wasn’t sure yet which couple I would ship but last night I realized as usual I was loving Charlie. If you can believe it I decided my heart was with the unrequited love, I Read More →

If you didn’t watch How I Met Your Mother on Tuesday then well…sucks to be you because it was funny but then that show is always funny. I was hoping there would be a way of getting Lily’s list after the show aired and of course it’s up. Which ones are your favorites? My favorites Read More →