Dirty Santa

First a couple things: Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I was just completely uninspired. If you want a New Years card make sure to email me to go on my list :thumbsup: Gemini and I attempted to make a vlog yesterday but 3 out of […]

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Scrooge in the House

Mistress Scrooge that is. Well you can call me Miss. Scrooge or even Ms. Scrooge. Whatever you want. Either way I’m cranky, annoying and completely lacking of this thing called “holiday spirit.” I used to simply just not care about this holiday but now I’ve […]

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Being Thankful

Since today is supposed to be a slow and relaxing day I’m going to do a Thanksgiving Meme so enjoy. A Thanksgiving Tradition: My family doesn’t do a whole lot of traditions but basically just going to my parent’s house for dinner. That’s it. This […]

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