Some people feel that showing you care about someone is about sending birthday and holiday cards but to me, that’s just not something that matters to me. If I’m really close to someone and I’m moved to I’ll send a birthday card of some kind I might do that if I remember to but I Read More →

I really think I’m done even acknowledging holidays anymore. I’ve always hated Xmas and I definitely hate Easter. I have grown to just not care about Valentines Day even though it’s the same day as our anniversary. Now I’m adding Mother and Father’s Day to this list because quite honestly as far as I can Read More →

70% of my holidays were me banging my head against the wall to keep me from going completely insane. I did have a few nice moments though. My Chanukah dinner was nice, nobody pissed anyone off that I know of. The Xmas party at SILs was nice too, in fact it was particularly nice without Read More →

hismuse if i suddenly develop a case of xmas spirit does that mean i get tomorrow off? #xmas bubblewench @hismuse If you suddenly develop Xmas spirit, I’m calling in the Exorcist team. Have a great whatever you celebrate and keep warm!

I know I’m a little left out Jewish girl but I have never understood the whole Santa picture thing, never. I mean there is this chubby middle aged guy in a red suit and white beard who you put your child on his lap to take a picture. How does this not scream creepy to Read More →

I haven’t always been a Valentines Day romantic. Basically if I had someone romantic in my life it was probably a happy day, if I didn’t then I wanted to curse the world. Hey, that’s just how it works. My first anti-V Day was the V Day after my first breakup in high school. The Read More →

I’ve got a crazy insane idea. What if next year we cut out presents entirely, every single one of us. What if instead we all picked one day to get together and we all brought some food and drinks? What if we all just hung out for the night with no pressure and no expectations? Read More →

i grew up celebrating Chanukah and even though i don’t anymore i still think fondly of it, especially when eating Chanukah cookies. Originally uploaded by {robin} Conversation last night at dinner: MIL: Guess who’s coming for New Years? (At the same time) BIL: Jesus? Manly Man: Santa?

:dance: Obviously given the economy none of you are going to actually buy me anything but I figured I’d share my amazon wish list with you anyway. If you have one I’d love to add it to my account, which I believe you can do. :whosnext: I’ve got a stack of postcards that I’m going Read More →

A couple months before Crapmas some people get excited for all the holiday spirit and all the joy, is it just me or has this dwindled a little bit every year? Granted, I’m not an expert on this particular holiday but I’ve watched from the sidelines for a while. Has it always been so commercial Read More →