Must clarify that this came about because we were watching The Big Bang Theory and I must also note I’ve never watched a single episode of Star Trek other than the animated episode that Gwen forced me to watch. Him: Do you even know who Wil Wheaton is? Me: Of course I do. Him: Well? Read More →

Me: …and then Sheldon put on a black suit and he looked so hot. Manly Man: Hot? Me: Uh…yeah!?! Manly Man: He looks like a turtle. Me: I’m telling Gwen you said that!   ps. You should know a lot of our conversations end with “I’m going to tell Gwen you said that!”

Something Gwen loves to say is “this makes me happy…in my pants” because she’s mature like that. One day we decided it was entirely possible to be sad…in your pants. Then we started to use this all the time. Then it turned into just having “sad pants.” Then we laughed, a lot. Still, when I Read More →

Gwen actually asked me if she could go see the NBSS in Boston, which just so happens to be where my husband went to school for training. How random is that?? Nothing really phases her, not Boston traffic or porn books or Aurora. Both Manly Man and Gwen do great accents, which they did basically Read More →

Another helpful list for Hurricane Gwen. Everywhere we go we’ll both be pointing to things like food or objects and saying “have you seen/heard of this before?” “what about this?” Being included in our in-depth conversations with the cats. The joy that is Boston drivers. Giggles everytime she says “garage”. However most people we know Read More →

Our show last night was our 13th episode and since it was on the 13th of September we decided to do a show about superstitions. The show got off to a rough start. Right before the show I dropped a huge book on my foot and my scream was probably heard throughout the neighborhood. Then, Read More →

I haven’t talked a lot about our show Too Much Pressure Off Topic in a while because it’s not really the popular thing on the internet but we kind of like it that way anyway. I mean, if nobody disagrees with us then we’re always right. Right? Still, we’d love to know how we’re doing Read More →

This post is late because of a wordpress role error or something, I blame the WordPress upgrade not myself. ~Robin ——————— Maybe I should clarify. DreamWorks Animation Studios has commitment issues. At least that’s what their movies would suggest. I watch a lot of movies. Those of you familiar with me will know that already. Read More →

Yes, I’m talking about Canada again but only because I lost the slangoff on Sunday on Too Much Pressure. Now, I must list the 10 best things aboot way up north. 10. They brought us Jim Carey, Ryan Gosling, John Candy, Mike Meyers, Leslie Neilson and Sarah Chalke. It seems that the only noteworthy actress Read More →

Canada: After our radio show Too Much Pressure on Sunday Gwen and I got to talking via Twitter about the new Spacey movie coming out. I got to thinking about how seriously awesome it would be if I could somehow get to Bumfuck Canada (where Gwen and Bluepaintred live) so I could see the movie Read More →

Did you listen to our show Too Much Pressure from last night? There was a little bit of an error at first (partially my fault partially blogtalkradio’s fault) but the rest was smooth sailing. We’re not too good at audience participation and we feel bad but we both have ADD so we’re doing our best. Read More →