This post is late because of a wordpress role error or something, I blame the WordPress upgrade not myself. ~Robin ——————— Maybe I should clarify. DreamWorks Animation Studios has commitment issues. At least that’s what their movies would suggest. I watch a lot of movies. Those of you familiar with me will know that already. Read More →

And now it’s my (ocheree) turn to guest post. All week I’ve tried to come up with some great topic, something interesting to blog about…sorry folks…I got nothing!  So I thought I’d go with some random ramblings… Gas is now below $2.50 her in the MidWest.  First I saw it for $2.46 in Belton where Read More →

Hello ladies, gents and the rest of you who don’t fit into either category. It’s your friendly neighbourhood Gwen covering for Robin while she’s off visiting people who are most assuredly NOT me. But am I bitter? Am I crushed? Am I broken hearted? No. No I’m not. In fact, I’m hopeful. Now that she’s Read More →

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. er…. maybe not. I’m Crystal, and I write over at Said She. I’m not sure exactly what my handsome husband will be posting about today, but today I’m going to talk about stuff people probably never needed to learn about: what it’s like to be a Read More →

Hola. It’s Heather (aka H.) from Heather 3.0. It’s a private journal and you have to log in to actually read the posts because I’m all incognito like that. Or, you can just follow my flickr which is more up to date and informative than my journal. While Robin is off drinking green beer, chasing Read More →

Hi y’all. This is Bluepaintred, filling in for Robin while she gallivants around Ireland drinking Guinness and pinching little Irish butts. Originally I was going to do a post (with pictures of penii with little leprechaun hats!!) about how Robin was REALLY spending her honeymoon  in Ireland with Manly Man – ‘cus if you believe Read More →

Well hello there, fellow RLU readers, ro here. I was so honored to be guest posting that all week I was in a tizzy on what to write. At first I thought I would draw eerie comparisons to Robin and I: her name has r and b, my name has r and b; she has Read More →