I’ve known Manly Man for 6 years but I’ve actually known SIL aka Gemini for 9 years as of yesterday January 11th (I think I have the date right). I went in for an interview at a place and she was sitting at the desk when I walked in. She was really friendly (luckily that Read More →

I’m guest posting over at The Absurdist’s place so go check it out and enjoy, I can be booked for all your guest posting needs. Today you get a chock full of bullets to satisfy your needs. I came across this article and I just reading it made me angry. Children at a 3 hour Read More →

Today is the day I turn 30 and I’m not ashamed of that. I know that today I am wiser than ever before, so wise that I believe I’ve figured out the meaning of life. Although today I want to appreciate the hundreds handful of people who entered my birthday contest. You guys all rock Read More →

I had the best day yesterday. I got a call from a local bakery that I had a delivery. Since I was already nearby I just went to pick it up. I figured it was a birthday gift from my mom but to my surprise the lady said it was a friend of mine from Read More →

So I started to think about how long I have known Robin, it feels like I have known her my whole life but it has been only 8 years. Even saying that is kind of funny because 8 years is the second longest relationship I have ever had!  So I thought in Honor of Robins Read More →

Marrying Erik will make Gemini my big sister :gemini: I only have a brother and no matter how hard I tried I could not get him to change sexes. Not putting him in dresses or calling him Matina. So here is my list of why I’ve decided she will be much more than a SIL Read More →

I think we all saw that Gemini was going to win the contest this month given she had nothing better to do with her time than hang around my blog. However, having Gemini win this contest makes it a bit easier and almost more fun, because I know her better than she probably likes 👿 Read More →