I keep hearing them talk on the radio about the Cats Not Kids bumper sticker (not on my car, on someone else’s but I did have it on my car before) and I don’t understand why this has been turned into such a negative thing. Yes, I adore my cats. Yes, I hug them and Read More →

This all started here. The way I see it, to decide to adopt a pet is more than just taking in an animal, to me it’s like adopting a furry child. Do they need to go to school or be taught to read or learn to socialize? No, which is one of the things I Read More →

Poop: So I read this on cracked Yep, some cats intentionally leave their crap uncovered or in conspicuous locations (such as on a doormat or in your sister’s bed) in order to communicate to us that they are the dominant member of the household, and that this territory is theirs. Which makes a lot of Read More →

So I came home yesterday to a funny story shared by Manly Man. Keep in mind while Aurora has “hunted” a lot of things I have never once in her 6 years seen her kill anything, even a bug. She tends to attack things and then kind of just wander off like she never cared Read More →

Thank you everyone for the congratulations for our anniversary, now onto our regular scheduled programming.   Me: I hate when people dress up their pets. Him: But you want to dress up the cats. Me: That’s different.