When you have a falling out with someone I think it’s important to lay out your own mistakes along with understanding what they did to hurt you. Relationships don’t fall apart because one person screwed it all up, it’s a 2 way street. In regards to an ex-friend of mine here are the mistakes I Read More →

I want to turn off my brain a bit and just follow directions so here is a meme I found thanks to tumblr. 1. Call me up to tell me about this great new show you started watching or that you tried one that I suggested. My mom does this all the time and I Read More →

More than anything lately I’ve been learning to let go. I’m not good at letting go, it’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. One time I remember a friend in high school pointing out how long it takes me to let go of a relationship. Once, I I held onto a relationship with a Read More →

I guess I have high standards for friends, which is why I have very few. I’m ok with that but it also means from time to time friendships end. I hate that, I never get over the loss of a once really close friend. I have 2 really close friends from my past that, at Read More →

It’s amazing where life can bring you sometimes. It seems so often it takes you in a direction to test you but once and a while something truly special drops in your lap. Many many years ago, in a faraway kingdom (or rather Kindergarten), I met another goofy girl like me. We were both going Read More →

Normally I’d say photography but that’s a given. Something else that inspires me is my friends, who mean as much to me, sometimes more, than my family. Several of my friends I consider a part of my family, whether that’s a good thing or not. I’ve learned so much from so many of you and Read More →

Saw a good friend on Saturday, a friend from my college years. We’ve both grown up a lot and our lives have changed in so many ways. We’re both shocked that we’re in the adult world and not sure if we belong here. She has a beautiful little boy and she’s one of the best Read More →

I don’t think there is all that much of a difference from me online and me in person, but those who know me in person can say better than I can. I do know that online I am twice as sarcastic and 10x as snarky. I think it’s just the humor that comes out online, Read More →

I’m sure many of you have been dying to know just how you could possible be my BFF. I know this is a coveted position. Here is a list of the most important requirements. If you were to choose between Blaine and Duckie, you would choose Duckie. If you do not know what I’m talking Read More →