People complaining about social sites and how they are changing or whatever. These things are free, get over it. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Passive aggressive shit on Twitter. I’m trying really really hard not to do it myself but it’s usually other passive aggressive twats that make me want to Read More →

For a while now I’ve been hearing on Facebook how everyone wants a dis-like button. Yes, I have an opinion on this and I will share. First I would like to say I’m not really a fan of the like button to begin with. Are we SO lazy that we can only manage to click Read More →

Has anyone else noticed that all the social media outlets online now it’s that much easier to be passive aggressive at the drop of the hat. Someone pisses you off? You unfriend them on Facebook. Someone starts to annoy you? You unfollow them on twitter. You decide you don’t like someone anymore but dont’ want Read More →

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I took that Pick 5 Things on Facebook and I thought I did a pretty good job picking the people who would play the characters in the movie of my life. To clarify, if I could have picked who would play my teacher/mentor I would have chosen Kevin Spacey…because I know you were all wondering. Read More →

Like them or not here are some proper Facebook Dos and Don’ts in my book. Status messages are in the third person so instead of I went to the store it should be went to the store so it’s not Robin I went to the store but Robin went to the store. It’s dumb but Read More →

In case you missed my brawl with Gwen on Crackbook. Status: Robin has a bad taste in her mouth. Gwen: <melodrama>It’s probably from all those filthy lies!!!</melodrama> Me: oh no, you did not go there girl. must we take this outside? Gwen: *Is already outside waiting with a broken beer bottle* Me: **rolling up sleeves* Read More →

I offered another chance to ask me some questions on Crackbook and now I shall answer them. Don’t blame me if the questions are a little lacking. Mr. Fabulous: How tall are you? 5’1 — I’m pretty short. Actually I’m not 5’1 I’m almost 5’1. Stop harassing me!!! NYC Watchdog: Does Harry Potter know you Read More →