I’ve been wanting to see the movie Bully (a documentary) for a long time. I believe this is a documentary that every single child and parent need to see. You know what? Everyone should see this. It was really hard to watch, I cried through almost the entire thing. I was bullied a lot growing Read More →

The Premise: A documentary on the word “fuck” and how it’s affected history and culture. Fuck: A Documentary interviews a bunch of people who know the word well such as George Carlin, Ice-T, Ron Jeremy and Janeane Garofalo (I love her btw). It’s a word loved by some as much as it is hated by Read More →

I don’t know the last time I heard such a great title for a movie because this says it all. The concept of global warming is something even I would rather not think about because it’s simply daunting. It’s about time An Inconvenient Truth came out and I really think everyone needs to see this. Read More →

MPAA gives ratings to movies. There are no guidelines. What crosses the line from R to NC-17? A penis? Masturbating? Homosexual sex? How does one group of parents without any guidelines or rules determine what a movie should be rated? Last night we watched the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which is about Read More →

We stopped shopping at Walmart around the time Erik visited China for work. He was sent there to visit the violin factories and take notes basically. He took a ton of pictures around China and witnessed in person the kind of factories Walmart uses. I used to like Walmart back when I was in college Read More →

Have you heard of the documentary The Bridge that is due out this friday? Erik and I watched a piece about it on 20/20 over the weekend and there really are no words for it. A lot of people are horrified by the making of this film but I see it as a good thing. Read More →

I just watched a documentary about the four letter word Slut and how it effects everything around us. I’d never put a lot of thought into the word and I’m not sure anyone ever called me it when I was younger although I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t even think I’ve ever been called the Read More →

A joke isn’t a joke without a punchline, right? You setup a joke, lame or not, and it has an ending be it funny or maybe ironic. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the other side. Ok so that joke is not exactly funny but you get it right? It’s like 1+1=2 Read More →