Me: You can suck it. Him: Really? So I can blow you and suck it? Me: Exactly! Him: I’m not a reversible wet vac.

Latefines: What would Henry Rollins do? Electriceasel: Oh my god! I asked myself that question just before I lost my virginity! Serously. Latefines: LMAO! I’m so glad you’re my friend. Also…if you’re bored.

While watching Modern Family. Me: See, you need to get your kid drunk when they are young so it teaches them how awful it can be. Manly Man: I don’t think that’s a good idea. Me: The kid gets drunk, throws up and learns their lesson. Manly Man: Yeah, like you? Me: Ok, bad example.

Must clarify that this came about because we were watching The Big Bang Theory and I must also note I’ve never watched a single episode of Star Trek other than the animated episode that Gwen forced me to watch. Him: Do you even know who Wil Wheaton is? Me: Of course I do. Him: Well? Read More →

We were watching the show Life on the Discovery Channel (btw if you haven’t seen the show it’s a must see) and there were these huge bees who fight other male bees over one female until death. There are also these birds, the males, who build a house for the chick (see what I did Read More →

Me: Did you know a cat can be bipolar? Manly Man: Yeah? Me: I think that explains Aurora. Manly Man: I don’t know… Me: I figure it’s easier to say she’s chemically imbalanced than just a bitch. Manly Man: Just like you?

Me: …and then Sheldon put on a black suit and he looked so hot. Manly Man: Hot? Me: Uh…yeah!?! Manly Man: He looks like a turtle. Me: I’m telling Gwen you said that!   ps. You should know a lot of our conversations end with “I’m going to tell Gwen you said that!”