i grew up celebrating Chanukah and even though i don’t anymore i still think fondly of it, especially when eating Chanukah cookies. Originally uploaded by {robin} Conversation last night at dinner: MIL: Guess who’s coming for New Years? (At the same time) BIL: Jesus? Manly Man: Santa?

:dance: Obviously given the economy none of you are going to actually buy me anything but I figured I’d share my amazon wish list with you anyway. If you have one I’d love to add it to my account, which I believe you can do. :whosnext: I’ve got a stack of postcards that I’m going Read More →

I came home from work yesterday to find a huge ass box on my front porch from Bed Bath and Beyond for my shower. Do you know the will power it takes not to open that? It’s Chanukah all over again :banghead: I added this sandwich press thing on our registry and even though it’s Read More →

Tonight is our “Chanukah” night and I put that in quotations because it’s so barely Chanukah. We will probably light a few candles, maybe have Manechevitz wine and we’ll definitely have latkas (potato pancakes). My mom makes the best damn latkas you’ve ever had and of course from scratch but you can’t have any :nana: Read More →

So I am having side effects from my new meds and it’s tough. The main one is I’ve had have been the tightening of my jaw and it’s always sore now. I used to do that a lot in college when I was stressed and my jaw would lock. I’ve also had really bad insomnia Read More →

The big controversy these days is how the major holidays (xmas, Easter, etc.) might be making minorities feel left out and I thought I’d share some of my feelings on this as a girl raised with eight days of Chanukah instead of 12 days of xmas. The first chunk of my life I was mostly Read More →

I’ve always hated Christmas and not just because I was raised celebrating Chanukah either. I hate how stressed and tense people get during the holidays. I hate the expectations and the ridiculous amount of money you spend. I hate how much energy goes into so little in return. So assuming Erik is in for it Read More →

In no way shape or form am I a great singer; I’m a decent singer and mostly when I’m in my car alone. I have however had numerous singing experiences in my life and I just must have always had this itch to sing. One major problem I’ve had about singing in front of groups Read More →

I got these yesterday as my Chanukah/Bday present from my buddy Jusy (also referred to as Sususudio) she was just a little late giving them to me. I’d commented when I saw coffee mugs like these at her place and she got me a set of 4. I love them…coffee is so much cooler this Read More →