Are you Canadian? Do you long for goods that you can only get while visiting the states? Do you make friends with people in the United States just so they can send you products from Amazon that won’t ship to you? Well that is what The Happy Pants Foundation is for, to bridge the gap Read More →

Yes, I’m talking about Canada again but only because I lost the slangoff on Sunday on Too Much Pressure. Now, I must list the 10 best things aboot way up north. 10. They brought us Jim Carey, Ryan Gosling, John Candy, Mike Meyers, Leslie Neilson and Sarah Chalke. It seems that the only noteworthy actress Read More →

Canada: After our radio show Too Much Pressure on Sunday Gwen and I got to talking via Twitter about the new Spacey movie coming out. I got to thinking about how seriously awesome it would be if I could somehow get to Bumfuck Canada (where Gwen and Bluepaintred live) so I could see the movie Read More →