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Oh Yes, I’m An Anglophile

Here is proof: My wall at work. My miniature Mini with the Union Jack (I do not yet have a life size version). The tee I made for the show I love Misfits, I also made one for Skins. I named my little cactus at work after Rudy from Misfits. The cat we adopted most […]

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When You Are TOO Connected To A TV Show


  You know how you know you are too connected to a tv show? When you hear a song and think “this song sounds like it was on Skins” so I decide to look it up to find out if it was. I look on the trustworthy Wikipedia and it was not in any of […]

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Countdown Til The End


  The end I speak of is Skins, I knew it would come eventually but when I tell you I am not ready I am speaking the truth. It’s officially the last series of Skins and in 10 episodes it will be over forever. 6 years, 6 series, 3 generations and quite the ride I […]

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Overly Enthusiastic

Ok, I get a big overly enthusiastic when it comes to tv shows (and movies) I’m a big fan of. Two shows I am always trying to get people to watch is Misfits and Breaking Bad. I know not everyone is going to like every show but I really do believe that the majority of […]

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TV Breaking My heart


  So it seems, while I love British television the most of all television it also breaks my heart more than any other shows. How many times has the show left me crying at the end, unconsoled. Luckily my husband understands, relatively, why this hurts me so much. First there is Skins, now to be […]

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The Bad Boy

As I’ve written about before, I pretty much never go for a bad boy. The closest to a bad boy I’ve dated in real life was a frat guy and trust me, they are mock bad boys if that. I was watching a little a lot of Veronica Mars again and Manly Man always points […]

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A Short Movie Roundup


I offered to make a movie list for some family members when we were on vacation and I thought I might as well share the same list with all of you. I stand by every single one of these movies, especially the ones that seem not all that interesting…those are the ones in particular I […]

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Dear British TV


Dear British television (or telli), Now you know I love you, I really do. I mean, despite my relationship with American tv you know I’ve chosen you time again. I know we have to kind of sneak around sometimes but I know it’s worth it for me. We’ve had long nights together where I’ve gotten […]

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Sugar Rush


I’ve decided to do more Anglophile reviews as that is what is mostly happening in my life right now. I have a lot of good stuff to share and I think I’m sort of an expert now. The Basics: Sugar Rush is about a 15 year-old girl, Kim(played by Olivia Hallinan), who has an intense […]

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We Are a Mess, We Are Failures and We Love It.

Life has been keeping me busy lately with dealing with my health, lots of editing from recent photography sessions and all my glorious tv shows. This week has been all about finales and it’s rough, I’m not gonna lie. Being Human had the season 3 finale and it was pretty devestating, just ask Amanda. Skins […]

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