I got this idea from Pinterest but there is no actual link for it, just a picture. Here is what we came out with. We decided not to paint ours because our bathroom has so much dark wood in it. We like it, nice little spot to put a book or 2 for guests. Some Read More →

I’m bloated, which is really sucky when you’re trying to be healthy because it does NOT motivate you (or me at least). I’m still keeping track of what I eat though, every single day. My laptop is very broken, our usual place can’t seem to fix it so it’s going to another place to be Read More →

My theories on the end of Breaking Bad, not in order of plausibility. Jesse or someone he cares about kills him face to face. One of those people kills Walt and then takes his place as the new Heisenberg (ie. Jesse, Skyler or Walt Jr.) He dies of cancer alone in a dingy hotel room Read More →

Right now I’m reading The Spectacular Now and loving it, it’s reminding me of reading One Day and I looooooved that book, read it several times now. I just really hope I don’t end up curled up in a ball and sobbing at the end like with the latter book. I had some horrible thigh Read More →

I’d been meaning to start watching The Sopranos for a while but kept putting it off. One thing that kept bringing me back to considering watching the show – that so many people consider it The Best Show of All Time. Wow, that’s a big statement and since I’m a tv junkie I really had Read More →

Only American shows, it gets too complicated including British shows, I won’t do that to myself. 5. Friday Night Lights – While this show did not always have the best writing (the murder plot we’ll never be able to forget or forgive) the show always had unbelievably heart and characters and the cinematography was astonishing. Read More →

Ok, I get a big overly enthusiastic when it comes to tv shows (and movies) I’m a big fan of. Two shows I am always trying to get people to watch is Misfits and Breaking Bad. I know not everyone is going to like every show but I really do believe that the majority of Read More →