So Manly Man convinced me to go to a punk show in a basement that wouldn’t start until around midnight with the idea that I would get some interesting pictures, that’s pretty much how you can get me to do about anything. Hell, I desperately want to go to Chernobyl because of the pictures I Read More →

Attention: It’s 2 weeks until Hurricane Gwen :gwen: Due to the upcoming event I have learned I am not the Bostonian I thought I was. I can’t think of anything local to offer her other than baked beans and who hasn’t had baked beans? Are Boston’s baked beans really that much better? I have no Read More →

Another helpful list for Hurricane Gwen. Everywhere we go we’ll both be pointing to things like food or objects and saying “have you seen/heard of this before?” “what about this?” Being included in our in-depth conversations with the cats. The joy that is Boston drivers. Giggles everytime she says “garage”. However most people we know Read More →

While watching some of the best of clips of Saturday Night Live they show the Boston teens skit.  Everyone commenting on the show were saying how they all really do sound like that.  So of course I turn to Manly Man horrified. Me: That’s like wicked annoying that people think we all like sound like Read More →