My birthday, in 9 days. Do I deserve anything? Well that’s for you to decide but either way these are the things I want. Then there is also my Amazon Wish List here I won’t even bother sharing my b&hphoto wishlist because that is just intense with camera bodies and lenses galore, all stuff I Read More →

  In the past 32 years… I’ve learned that love comes when it’s ready, you can’t force it. I’ve learned that pretty clothes don’t mean much unless you feel good from within. I’ve learned that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, some are just there for a moment. I’ve learned that Read More →

I’ve gotten some awesome gifts over the years (psst it’s 15 days away) but here are some of the best I’ve received: My  Hebrew Name Tattoo: Manly Man got this for me for Chanukah one year, what’s weird is the place turned out to have Hitler on it’s business cards… A Bag Of Goodies: My Read More →

When I met Erik it was quite interesting to be dating an older man, even if he rarely acted like it. Just knowing he had 10 years more experience than me was pretty cool. While I was dressing up like Madonna in the 80’s he was going to punk shows. When I got my first Read More →

Today is the day I turn 30 and I’m not ashamed of that. I know that today I am wiser than ever before, so wise that I believe I’ve figured out the meaning of life. Although today I want to appreciate the hundreds handful of people who entered my birthday contest. You guys all rock Read More →

So I started to think about how long I have known Robin, it feels like I have known her my whole life but it has been only 8 years. Even saying that is kind of funny because 8 years is the second longest relationship I have ever had!  So I thought in Honor of Robins Read More →

Not the fun “getting busy” where you are naked but the busy busy. It seems I go through periods of time where I take on too much and then I drop all of it and have nothing to do. Does that make me an extremist? I was offered to have an art gallery, unfortunately it’s Read More →

So my birthday is one month away and it’s a fairly “significant” one. I guess it’s about this time in my life I start getting all the old jokes but that’s ok because most of the people I am friends with are now older than me :nahnah: Anyway, if you are looking to get me Read More →