Furkids Are Funny

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a post to my little furballs so here you go.  The pictures are obviously more funny than the thought bubbles but hopefully you enjoy anyway.  If this isn’t enough to tickle your fancy as usual go visit my […]

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Keep Fudge Away From Me

What shows did I miss the most during the writer’s strike? I think my Monday night shows like How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. I always look forward to my Monday shows and they’ve been empty now. Pilot has been […]

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4 Days With Aurora and Pilot

Spending 4 days inside (and not venturing outside other than for a few minutes) with Aurora and Pilot I learned some stuff about them. They sleep, a lot. I mean…the only time they are not sleeping is when they are either eating, pooping or I […]

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