For as long as I can remember Manly Man has been giving our little girl Aurora tuna juice as one of her favorite treats. It’s a convenient treat because whenever he opens a can of tuna he has to do something with the leftover juice an otherwise it would go down the drain. My boy Read More →

This is my baby girl Aurora, though she’s no baby anymore as she just turned 10 years old. She’s also been a grumpy old lady for many years now. She’s the one in charge in our house and she doesn’t like anyone other than Manly Man (husband). A friend of a friend’s cat had babies Read More →

If you could go back and catch one thing and one thing only on camera, that obviously isn’t already, what would it be? I’m tempted to say the ceremony of my wedding that wasn’t recorded by the professional videographer. I’m also tempted to say the moment when Manly Man serenaded me on our first date. Read More →

What is all that commotion? Can you people be quiet? I’m trying to sleep here. Fuck. You humans make so much damn noise. Do you see me stomping around and yelping like you guys? Well ok, only when I know you have food I want but that’s normal. If I ever have food you want Read More →

Cats care mostly solitary animals and generally need very little affection. You can ignore them for days on end (other than feeding them and such) and they could give a shit. Cats are not undyingly loyal like dogs and are certainly not man’s best friend. I have noticed that for some cats, not all, they Read More →

This all started here. The way I see it, to decide to adopt a pet is more than just taking in an animal, to me it’s like adopting a furry child. Do they need to go to school or be taught to read or learn to socialize? No, which is one of the things I Read More →

  Most people who meet Aurora (or Lucy-fur as some know her) they don’t like her. Most people think she’s just a mean/evil cat with no redeeming qualities. My brother, who cat sat them while we were in Ireland, refers to her as “the mean one.” I understand why people think of her this way. Read More →