Yeah I’m a bit annoyed that I wanted an apple cider from my beloved Starbucks and got hot apple juice. Why is this even an option? Why is there no apple cider?!? I live in New England, how can you not offer apple cider? Here is there Caramel Apple Spice: I did order this without Read More →

Thanks Adam for the idea, I like to process stuff and this is a great way to process the last year. 1. What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? Spent time with my stepdaughter. Lost weight (I’ve done it before but not significantly in a VERY long time). I’m sure there Read More →

I love honey mustard sauce, particularly with chicken. Often at a restaurant I will order chicken tenders with honey mustard dipping sauce or I’ll get a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard sauce (often extra on the side as well). So I looked up recipes and decided this was the easiest/best way to make it Read More →

Yes, I have a tendency to ignore/avoid phone calls. It’s true. I should probably be more open about this but people get upset knowing that you ignore their calls. There are 2 people I generally answer the phone for when they call and that’s my husband and my mother. I particularly hate answering the phone Read More →

love note

love note

  • Looking forward to the weekend, as always pretty much. Not much going on, so many people I’d like to visit but driving is just not something I can do right now if I can avoid it. Blah blah blah.
  • My friend is coming over with her son who is about 5 years old. This is something I’m looking forward to and a bit nervous about. I wouldn’t say I’m bad with kids, I just haven’t had much experience since my brother, who is now 28 years old.
  • Sounds lame but I want to organize, clean and get rid of more stuff, it feels good to do that. I hate those drawers that are just filled with useless shit. I have these old cell phones I don’t think anyone will ever want and cases for them, maybe I could at least put them in storage.
  • Excited to weigh myself tomorrow or Sunday, hoping I reached my 1st goal! I’m making myself wait, weekend mornings just seem to work better for weighing.
  • My android phone has a bug on it that’s driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do about it. When I type in the google search bar it duplicates every word I type. I thought getting rid of one of my apps would stop it but no such luck. I think I’ll keep removing the newest apps until it goes away.
  • Manly Man left me a love note in the driveway for when I came home from work. He used to do this a lot in our earlier years, it was nice to see it again.
  • Since we have really no money at the moment (stupid mortgage) we aren’t going to get out a lot unless we do something like a picnic or something outdoorsy, which is possible.
  • Lots of insane shit happening in my life, personal stuff, financial/house stuff, but nothing anyone would care about. I just hate how everything always seems to go wrong at the same time.
  • Trying to be optimistic in our situation is something I have to work at every single moment of every day because crying and having anxiety all the time wasn’t working.


They were fairly easy and came out cute. I plan to make more. I also found that having a way to hang it from something while I was wrapping it helped a lot. Also using a spring clamp (or clothes pin) to keep the wrapping from loosening add you go along. The directions can be Read More →