So here are my details, can’t believe I’m putting them out there. Age: 37 (as of February) Height: 5’0 (or 5’1 seems to depend on the day) Current Weight: 222 (though the scale at the clinic says I’m at my highest even though my home scale and gym scale say this weight) Highest weight: 228 Read More →

So I had my first appointment with the Dietician and there is a list of things I need to change about my daily food/water: More water, a lot more water More protein, a lot more protein Much less bread No more caffiene No more beer Bring more protein snacks in from home No almond milk, Read More →

So I had my immersion day where I spend a day listening to different doctors who are part of this whole shebang. I learned a good amount of information and heard some of the same stuff for the umpteenth time. I got my binder, my bariatric binder. I got a ton of checklists and shopping Read More →

I had a big day as far as my journey to this surgery goes, more on that later. Afterwards I was waiting in the lobby for my husband to pick me up when one of the other patient’s mother immediately said to me:

“You don’t look like you need the surgery.”

I immediately was obviously flattered and told her thank you but that I was actually 100 lbs overweight. She was surprised at that and I have been told by people that I carry my weight well, not sure what that means but there it is. I think I’ve learned how to dress, etc. to minimize the extra weight on my body and it’s helped me to feel better about myself. In fact, I think I’ve almost come to be ok with my weight but if it weren’t for my back pain and other things I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap into the Gastric Sleeve.

After a full day of thinking of how long this journey will be and how hard it is and thinking all day about all the weight I need to lose this was definitely a nice little boost.


I’m more afraid of this after surgery than pretty much anything else. I have so much of a fear of vomiting that I think I’ve trained myself not to throw up since 2003 (drank WAY too much that time). I’ve heard it doesn’t happen to everyone and I really really hope I’m one of those people.

  I’ve always hated the Duggar family or more specifically the parents and the disturbing way their family is run. Amidst the scandal it made me yet again think about the Duggar girls and how growing up in that family they have to care for the kids (I’m curious what Michelle even does) until they Read More →

I’ve realized recently several of my friends have shutdown from social media or more specifically – Facebook. What all of them say when this happens is: Facebook took up too much of my time. For someone who keeps up with Facebook pretty well I find that hard to understand. For me, social media, is something Read More →

Patience is not something I excel in. I like things done now, this moment. My husband likes to put things off and it drives me crazy so usually I kind of prod him until he does it now. I think one of the hardest parts about this journey for me, is the waiting. When I’m Read More →

I started this private journey because I haven’t told anyone yet. I am not ashamed at all, I just know this discussion is important to have face to face because people make assumptions about it. I have my own website that I will upload these to when I fully put my journey out there but Read More →