I’m more afraid of this after surgery than pretty much anything else. I have so much of a fear of vomiting that I think I’ve trained myself not to throw up since 2003 (drank WAY too much that time). I’ve heard it doesn’t happen to everyone and I really really hope I’m one of those people.

Patience is not something I excel in. I like things done now, this moment. My husband likes to put things off and it drives me crazy so usually I kind of prod him until he does it now. I think one of the hardest parts about this journey for me, is the waiting. When I’m Read More →

I started this private journey because I haven’t told anyone yet. I am not ashamed at all, I just know this discussion is important to have face to face because people make assumptions about it. I have my own website that I will upload these to when I fully put my journey out there but Read More →