I’ve never really cared about how many friends I have on Facebook or how many followers I have on twitter. In fact I’d rather have fewer friends in general and have those be really quality people in my life. However, it’s pretty cool that my British Telly Tumbr has passed 20,000 followers! I can’t believe Read More →

This week: missing tooth filling, laptop in need of CPR and pluming on life support. Can we just consider this week a FAIL and we all go home to watch Netflix? Nothing bad seems to happen when you watch Netflix.

I love really really good iced lattes. Love them beyond belief. However there are like 3 places (all local places not chains) that I like the iced lattes so much I drink every last drop. I’ve noticed recently that I go through the trouble of buying an iced coffee or making an iced coffee at home but I never finish it. Why do I bother? If I don’t drink that little bit of iced coffee though I get a caffeine headache. There must be a way to deal with this, I’m going to figure it out.

Some people feel that showing you care about someone is about sending birthday and holiday cards but to me, that’s just not something that matters to me. If I’m really close to someone and I’m moved to I’ll send a birthday card of some kind I might do that if I remember to but I Read More →

After a week I’m Omaha I was so ready to get back home to my husband, my cats and my life. Everything went smoothly at first and I was in a great mood, then United Airlines told us the flight to Boston was canceled due to mechanical problems. From there we stood I’m line for Read More →

So my husband finds out he has lyme disease and could have had it for a while. It’s a hard diagnosis but we’re glad to finally know what’s wrong after all this time. He tells his mom on the way home and she immediately runs to tell his father and his brother. Don’t you think Read More →

On my way into the house yesterday after seeing my husband’s band perform live at a nearby bar Pilot showed up ready to go in for the day. As Pilot came trotting up to me I saw he was really dirty, as he often is when he plays outside. As we were walking in I Read More →

I got this as a forward but I don’t forward emails to the majority of my friends, I tweet them or put it on Facebook so the easiest way to share this was to do a blog post. I don’t understand iPhones and I really don’t understand autocorrect. Can’t people just turn autocorrect off?

I’ve decided officially (as officially as anything can be online) that Max Blum (from Happy Endings) is my spirit animal. Why? Well, I’ll tell you. He’s distracted. He’s inappropriate. He’s got water weight. He’s messy. He’s offensive. And there you have it.