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50 Shades of Ugh

  So I’m only like a 4th of the way into the book and I haven’t even gotten to the kinky stuff yet. I have to point out already the stuff that is irritating the fuck out of me. I want to also point out that I do have the ability to suspend belief and […]

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I’m not sure if there is a point in reviewing Cache because I don’t think many people could sit through a very slow, fairly long, foreign film with subtitles. I could be wrong though, so I’ll share what little I even comprehend after seeing this. The Basics: A family starts getting videotapes that show someone […]

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Sugar Rush


I’ve decided to do more Anglophile reviews as that is what is mostly happening in my life right now. I have a lot of good stuff to share and I think I’m sort of an expert now. The Basics: Sugar Rush is about a 15 year-old girl, Kim(played by Olivia Hallinan), who has an intense […]

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Wristcutters: A Love Story

Apparently when you off yourself, you don’t go to hell but to another reality/world that is best described as a muted version of the real one. In this place there is no vibrant color, so beautiful scenery and no smiles. This is a setup for a strange movie but Writstcutters: A Love Story is much […]

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story

I’ve seen so many amazing movies lately and can’t review them all. It’s Kind of a Funny Story was a little gem that I don’t think many people heard about but was fantastic. The Basics: This 16 year old kid keeps thinking of killing himself but never quite crosses the line to actually doing it. […]

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I like a lot of shows but only the shows that I consider to be incredibly original and well-written do I recommend to others. Keep in mind, I’ve never recommended Gossip Girl, not to anyone. In fact, I had to stop watching it eventually when I realized it was utter shit. So I’m here to […]

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Funny Games

It was Halloween weekend and we’ve been trying to find really good horror flicks to watch over the whole month. Really scary movies are tough to find when you’ve seen most of them and aren’t interested in the typical/cheesy American idea of a horror movie. See: Foreign Horror Movies What I did was look for […]

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Going Fishing


I saw the movie Catfish last Friday. In fact I took a bus to Harvard Square after work just to see it and if you knew my usual commute you’d know why that is impressive. I was worried the film was all hype but the film nerd in me had to see this before others […]

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Eden Lake

You should know ahead of time, the only reason I really saw Eden Lake was because of Jack O’Connell (he played Cook in generation 2 of Skins), and now you know. Oh and it’s also available for instant viewing on Netflix, which lately speeds up the process of me watching things. The Basics: A couple […]

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The Wit of David Sedaris

One author I’ve come to love like a best buddy who you find really entertaining but doesn’t even know you are alive is David Sedaris. He is actually the brother of the actress Amy Sedaris, which I think should be reason enough to read his books. I however, like I do with most books these […]

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