Another helpful list for Hurricane Gwen. Everywhere we go we’ll both be pointing to things like food or objects and saying “have you seen/heard of this before?” “what about this?” Being included in our in-depth conversations with the cats. The joy that is Boston drivers. Giggles everytime she says “garage”. However most people we know Read More →

My friends who have kids don’t make very good salesmen. They’re like, ‘Oh, you learn all this great stuff, like how to survive on two hours’ sleep.’ If I want to learn I’ll just become a political prisoner or something. ~ Cathryn Michon Originally uploaded by .robin accidentally.

Someone told me the delightful story of the crusader who put a chastity belt on his wife and gave the key to his best friend for safekeeping, in case of his death. He had ridden only a few miles away when his friend, riding hard, caught up with him, saying ‘You gave me the wrong Read More →