I’m a big fan of Skins (when I say Skins I mean the UK version) to the point I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 more times that I should probably tell anyone. I have watched the 2nd generation as well and am looking forward to the 3rd and final generation. With that being said I Read More →

There is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it. Luckily Avitable wrote about the same thing recently so I decided I’d try to put my opinion about this into words. First I need to explain that I do not think the act of pedophilia is Read More →

I’m going to lay it out on the line here: Manly Man and I haven’t done gift giving in like 3 years now. I think when we were planning for our wedding we decided it didn’t make any sense, our wedding and honeymoon in Ireland was all the gifts we needed that year. After the Read More →

I think a lot of us, some in particular (I don’t want to link the original article but this is a good one about that article), forget that when we put our thoughts on the internet it could piss off some and hurt others. Do we care anymore? Does it matter that the letters we Read More →


  Everyone seems to irritate the fuck out of me lately. I’m sick of people gossiping at work and walking by them only for them to suddenly stop talking. I’m sick of everyone on the road thinking they are the most important person there and acting like a fucking dillhole. Getting ONE car ahead of Read More →

  So the story of my life, or rather my tv life, is my favorite shows being cancelled long before they got to really finish out their storylines. My first experience with this was My So-Called Life, which by the way still stings to think about, and that was only the beginning. As a naive Read More →

  Maybe I started the wrong time to turn my photography into a business. I mean, it’s pretty tough to do when you are broke. My biggest issue right now, despite needing new business cards and a new lens (always more lenses, always), I really need a new computer. My current computer is a Compaq Read More →

I need to get healthy. At this point in time the only exercise I am getting is walking to and from my car and my photo shoots. I know I am not getting enough exercise and I know I need to eat better. My problem is, right now I have so much on my plate Read More →

I keep hearing them talk on the radio about the Cats Not Kids bumper sticker (not on my car, on someone else’s but I did have it on my car before) and I don’t understand why this has been turned into such a negative thing. Yes, I adore my cats. Yes, I hug them and Read More →

  I loved the show Sex and the City, it fulfilled the girly side of me for many years. I still love the show and watch it in reruns whenever I can. I was excited but trepidatious when the movie came out but I missed the characters so I went to see it or rather Read More →

Dear Mtv, I know at one point in time I enjoyed you but it’s been so long I can’t remember when that time was. I’m assuming it was back when, you know, you were about music. That’s besides the point, we all know you are a joke with your crappy “dating” shows, the real world Read More →