I hear on the radio all the time about what a man should be and what he shouldn’t be. A guy should be the one to take care of the wife or a guy shouldn’t cry. This idea of masculinity is so ridiculous because it isn’t real, it’s a societal expectation not necessarily a natural Read More →

Just for shits and giggles go and favorite my reply to him if you can, you can see the post here. Don’t acknowledge him, he’s not worth it, I just thought my reply was pretty awesome.

Ok, I get a big overly enthusiastic when it comes to tv shows (and movies) I’m a big fan of. Two shows I am always trying to get people to watch is Misfits and Breaking Bad. I know not everyone is going to like every show but I really do believe that the majority of Read More →

  So it seems, while I love British television the most of all television it also breaks my heart more than any other shows. How many times has the show left me crying at the end, unconsoled. Luckily my husband understands, relatively, why this hurts me so much. First there is Skins, now to be Read More →

Is it too much to ask for people to just be mature enough to accept responsibility for their own actions and to take enough time to understand where other people are coming from? I don’t care if you laugh at dick jokes or if you show some cleavage at an “inappropriate” time. I don’t give Read More →

Having another one of my many moments where I don’t know what I was thinking ever getting into the photography business. I read about other photographers and I just feel like they are SO far out of my own league. Hell, I’m not even a proper business yet. I think I really don’t want to Read More →

I’m in an emotional thing right now, something going on that’s not my thing but it’s effecting me. Of course there is nothing I can do about it. I did some tumblr clouds this morning and this is the one I did for a private journal of mine. I think that says a lot. Anyway, Read More →

I really think I’m done even acknowledging holidays anymore. I’ve always hated Xmas and I definitely hate Easter. I have grown to just not care about Valentines Day even though it’s the same day as our anniversary. Now I’m adding Mother and Father’s Day to this list because quite honestly as far as I can Read More →

I used to be blissfully ignorant about the poor. Yeah I felt bad and it concerned me. If I had the opportunity to help I’d gladly do it although I definitely never did enough. Now unfortunately there is no more bliss and there is definitely no more ignorance. I’m right in the thick of the Read More →